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Local, county and city level checks are a very important part of criminal and background checks, whether they are being done as pre-employment checks or for a new relationship with a previously unknown or less known person. Many of the criminal cases never go beyond a county or city court and county or city law enforcement. These include both felony and misdemeanor charges. The records for sentences regarding these crimes are mostly kept in county or city courts, as the jurisdiction may be. That is why county criminal background check is critically important in any criminal background investigation. 

Criminal and background checks usually cover last seven years and should be done in all counties and cities in which the person has resided in last seven years. Although, searching last seven years does not exclude the criminal behavior in distant past or more then seven years old criminal records. But, if a person has a clean record in past seven years, then, it most probably depicts that the person does not have a criminal tendency and have always had a clean record or even if he or she had a criminal record / records older then seven years, the person has most likely changed and can be considered as safe, as far as the criminal behavior is considered. If a person can stay totally clean for seven years, then, he or she is very likely to stay clean for the rest of his or her life. A county criminal background check can ensure this finding. 

That is why when you select a website to perform criminal background checks, you want to be absolutely sure that it’s database has an appropriate access to county and city courts’ records and the provided results definitively include information from these records. Most criminals would have at least one record in the counties or cities they have resided in past seven years. If you are hiring an individual or building a relationship with a person who has no criminal record in the counties and cities he or she has lived in past seven years, then, you can comfortably consider this hiring or relationship, as safe. 

Another reason why local law enforcement and courts’ records are important in criminal background investigations is because they know the local criminals very well, in most cases. It is nearly impossible for criminals to completely get away from county and city law enforcement and courts. If someone is not considered criminal by local authorities then he or she is most probably not criminal. 

Local authorities also get data and reports from neighborhood crime watch, the people who probably know the local troublemakers, best. County and city courts, in most cases, also, maintain the registered sex offenders data, something really important from the point of view of your female employees and clients. You definitely don’t want to have any of them on board or you don’t want to have a personal relationship with any of them and county and city criminal records are critically important in excluding them. 

County and city record could provide you the information that may not be available from other sources, like unlawful detainers. They are the people who are sued by their landlords for unauthorized possession of their property and to secure the back rent. From hiring and personal relationships, point of view these records provide certain very important clues about the individual. These records definitely show that the person is in a very bad financial condition. It shows that the person owes money to landlord and has not been paying the rent, while living on that property. It also shows that most probably the person is in desperate need for job. In many cases, these defaults are the result of a broken personal relationship, as the partner who was sharing the rent, broke up and it became impossible for this person to pay the rent. A stable relationship and rent sharing partner can help fixing this situation. 

County and city court records also include the small claims, that usually get overlooked by other sources of criminal records. In small claims courts, people get sued for minor amounts of money or compensations owed. This may be about small amounts of money borrowed and not returned, non- payment of shared or not shared liabilities like rent and child / children alimony, car payment, utility bills and other routine bills and payments. Plaintiff may also be asking a small compensation for the damage done by defendant or a dependent of defendant. These compensation law suits include stuff like kids fights, damage done by a pet, minor accidents, including fender benders, injuries caused by or happened at defendant’s property, etc. In small claims courts the disputing parties cannot be represented by a lawyer. So , everyone represents himself or herself. Many of the small claims records may be insignificant from hiring and / or personal relationships point of view. 

County and city courts’ records also include the guardianship claims. The guardianship claims may be important from hiring and personal relationships point of view. If a kid is taken away from the custody of a person, it may show the serious personal, behavioral and criminal issues attached like child abuse, sexual abuse, inability to take care of the kid / kids, inability to pay the bills for kid / kids, danger / dangers posed to child / children, etc. Some of these issues may show that this person is not suitable for the job or a personal relationship. For example child abuse, shows that the person cannot have a job in which he or she may be responsible to take care of kids. These people can endanger the well-being and security of kids if employed in hospitals, schools, daycare centers, churches and other places of worship, parks and other places of kids leisure and entertainment. Hiring this kind of people can also skyrocket the risk for expensive law suits and reputation tarnishing media scandals. If you already have a kid / kids, then, you definitely don’t want to have a relationship with child abuser.

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