Dimensions, Realms, Vortices, Wormholes, Black Holes

Dimensions, Realms, Vortices, Wormholes, Black Holes

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Material science has ridiculed the idea of existence beyond our 3D perception, for a very long time. Until quantum particles were observed to come into existence out of nowhere and nothing and then disappear again. Until quanta were found to exist at more than one places at the same time. Until communication between entangled particles was found to instantaneous, regardless of distance or any other factor. Until waves would suddenly turn into particles as soon as we look at those. Until we find out that the position of a quantum particle can never be accurately predicted and we can only predict probabilities. Until we find out, what we perceive through our six senses is actually a very tiny portion of existence, universe and electromagnetic spectrum.

Neuroscience is now showing, what we perceive as reality is actually not reality at all. Our perceived reality is a construct of our brain which it constructs through the recognition of patterns via memory and six senses. Most of the universe exists outside our perception and for a lot of that we have absolutely no clue about. With reality being a combination of senses, brain, genetics, environment, experiences and past learning, every intelligent being has his or her own unique reality. How much my reality has in common with your reality, depends on how much we have common. This means our reality is going to be totally different from the one with whom we have none of the above factors common.

Growing in a desert, my mom used to scare me with vortices formed by sand. “Always stay away from those. Those are caravans of ghosts moving. They will take you away with them if you are in the middle of those vortices. People disappear if stuck in the middle of those”. I laughed until finding out that vortices are powerful energy centers which can disrupt the fabric of spacetime.

Another entity which is shown to disrupt the spacetime, at least mathematically, is a wormhole. It is generally believed that intergalactic travel, if ever possible, can be achieved only through wormholes. After breaking sound barrier which used to be considered just as impossible, scientists are now looking into the possibility of breaking the light barrier. It is actually, and scientifically, being considered as a possibility, now. The concept of a warp drive is based on the idea of a warp field. Various designs for warp drives are being evaluated at various technology development centers, right now.

Black is the terminology commonly used to determine our ignorance of facts. Black holes, black matter, and black energy all depict the fact that we do not know pretty much anything about these. These are the things mostly hypothesized on the bases of mathematical suggestions. A black hole is basically an area of the universe which has very dense and very heavy matter with very strong gravitational force. The black matter was coined to explain spacetime fabric and the net mass of the universe. Black energy is the only way to explain the universe which is expanding with ever accelerating speed.

The holes in the universe are not really holes. These are called holes because we cannot observe certain areas in our universe. The reason we cannot observe these areas is that the gravitational pull there is so high, even light cannot escape and since light cannot escape, we cannot observe their presence. Black holes became instrumental in proving the existence of gravitational waves that were predicted by Einstein about hundred years ago. The merger of two massive black holes finally created a gravitational wave strong enough to be observed and recorded from a distance. Gravitational wave has been observed two more times after the first observation, once confirmed and once suggested.

The remarkable discoveries and growth in science especially in the last hundred years, has proven time and again that not knowing, observing or perceiving something or phenomenon, does not prove or disprove anything. Our perception is extremely limited and even that limited perception is a false construct of our own reality. Nothing could be more idiotic than saying, “I believe what I see”, in the light of modern discoveries. None of the quantum phenomena are explainable, although proven repeatedly, with our common logic.
Without having a proper understanding of quantum mechanics, we are already on the way to technologically exploit this knowledge, very much like we exploited Einstein’s theory of relativity for breakthrough technologies, including GPS long before observing a gravitational wave. Quantum computers are already manufactured which have far more power than our current computers.
Meanwhile, discoveries of quantum mechanics are very troubling for certain groups of the population. The deterministic, mechanical and cause and effect related view of the universe which is at the foundation of current materialistic science is at the stake. Atheism which is based on material science is feeling the heat, as well. Deterministic organized religions are not happy with these discoveries. either. These discoveries are a breath of fresh air for more rational minds that believe in nature and natural laws. Finally, the probabilistic and spiritual concepts could be comprehensible for the mainstream scholars and public. Although mainstream atheist Physicists are still denying it, Quantum Mechanics has proven that at the most fundamental, quantum level, matter does not exist. All we have there, are frequencies, vibrations, and wavelengths of energy. It is our act of observation which with the help of our very limited senses and brain, constructs the 4D reality around us. The basic purpose of this construct is to make universe habitable and interesting and to make our survival and growth possible. The most common Atheistic argument against our reasoning based on Quantum Mechanics is that the universe came into existence long before our consciousness, so, it cannot be the construct of our minds. Not true. An empty and illogical argument, from Atheist Physicists, as usual. We by no means claim that the universe is the construct of our minds. All we are saying is the way we perceive is the construct of our minds.
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